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Web development for businesses with JavaScript

The JavaScript ecosystem has been evolving at breakneck speed. From perfecting performance to solutions for SEO and server-side-rendering, there is a multitude of solutions for nearly every need.

But how to choose the best implementation for your business case?

  • Build solutions for real use cases
  • Combine frameworks to satisfy complex requirements
  • Full code, step-by-step implementations

This book is a discussion about the latest and the most popular JavaScript frameworks, packagings and how to use them.

A guide to help making informed decisions about which solution to adopt for your business.

This is a pre-launch, which offers more than 20% discount over final price.

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  • State of the art
  • JS Frameworks
  • The problems of SEO and SSR
  • The community reinvents JS

Basic implementations

  • Gatsby
  • From Wordpress to Gatsby
  • Enabling Gatsby with integrations

Increasing capabilities

  • Gatsby + server
  • NextJS dynamic sites

Creative solutions

  • Alternative implementations with Gatsby
  • Alternative implementations with Next


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