Standing invitation

Picture on Rodrigo Pinto

Hello, you

Yes, you. This page is about hearing what you have to say.

Because the Internet can be a cold, unforgiving place. There is a lot of hate going around, a bunch of gloating and everybody is trying to sell you something all the time.

People are so desperate to sell, to market, to advertise, that they relent what this really should be about, which is connecting, learning and growing.

I believe it is important that we make a clear stand for it.

So this an open door between you and me. An invitation for you to ask, tell, complain, wonder about anything.

And is is "standing" because it never expires. I am here. Waiting for your message. And I will answer. Yes, every message.

A conversation

I saw other bloggers doing this. I found it brilliant because it amplifies the good we can do.

This little corner of the Internet can drive so much more change if we do it together, instead of having only me pouring content into your ears.

Now that you found me, go ahead and send me a message, a Tweet, or reach out in my LinkedIn page.

I can't wait to hear from you.