New: Team coding course

Learn best practices of web development in a team

Web development never ceases to evolve. New languages, frameworks, solutions, tools coming up every week. You have to be a super hero to keep up.

Because a good team member is a facilitator, a multiplier of the team's efficiency.

What it takes to code with a team

  • Which Git strategy do you use?
  • Who can branch: anyone or just the project leader?
  • Do you fork your code or do you use Gitflow?
  • Do all team members merge to master?
  • Who and how do you solve merge conflicts?
  • Do you have meetings before deploying into production?
  • Do you use continuous integration?
  • How does it work if a team member is remote?
  • How do you track work? Are you on Kanban? Agile? Both?
  • Do you have a project manager or only a team leader?

And the thing with developers is that every single one of them has a preference over how to do these things.

And their way is always the best way.

So how do they work on a team?

The best practices on code sharing

It takes a method. Successful teams develop a series of practices commonly used throughout the company that protect the final product.

It is a process built to guarantee quality, to avoid mistakes and to quickly sort problems out.

  • 1. An effective workflow
  • 2. Known and understood by all team members
  • 3. Leads to less conflicts, easier and quicker problem solving

An opportunity to work with a real team

This is what this course is about.

A real world exercise with the tools companies around the world use to create web products collaboratively.

  • Get allocated in a team of your level of expertise
  • Get your code base in a real repository
  • First classes starting with a JavaScript project
  • Get access to the project board
  • Be part of the team Slack channel

Everything live, monitored by me.

I will be part of your team. I will be in your Slack channel. I will review your pull requests.

Everything 100% remote

Participate from home, as you would do in a real remote team.

Work at your pace, as much as you can.

The goal is not to create a product, it is to learn how to code in a modern development team. You do it for as long as it takes for you to get used to the tools.

Make mistakes. Learn from them. Gain experience developing software with a team.

Take your place into this exciting opportunity. Limited availability.

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