Hello, I'm Rodrigo Pinto.

I am a web developer, a project manager, an engineer and I created Tube n' kids.

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I create solutions

Along my career I have used many hats: engineer, project manager, software developer. What drove me was the desire to create better solutions, to be better at solving problems. And for that, I knew I would have to always keep learning.

I have created mobile applications to solve problems like transportation and self-organization. I have created full-stack applications to help parents protect their kids from undesired online content. I have worked for companies of all sizes.


Javascript, React, Vue, D3, Less, Bootstrap


Node, Express, MongoDB, APIs, Python, R Studio

Mobile apps

Swift, Objective C, React Native

Rodrigo is a full-stack web-developer by trade; however, does not shy away from taking deep dives in other technology stacks or frameworks.

- Timothy Tabing

I can testify to his remarkable competence, his capacity for adaptation and to the quality of his relationship with the company.

- Jonathan Massé

Rodrigo demonstrated a strong work ethic. At all times he was dependable and conscientious. He is analytical, methodical and driven.

- Wissam Alame

Technology changes very fast. Sotware development, even more. JavaScript? Oh boy! But above all, what really matters is that you are capable of solving a problem. In the end of the day, the tools that you use are not so important. They will be different tomorrow, anyway.

The one thing that you have to constantly do is to learn. Keep studying, keep learning, no matter what you do. In this fast changing world, this is how you keep up with the game.

Then you put yourself in position to create amazing things. That is what I always try to do.

Let's build something great! Let's do it together:

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I'm Rodrigo Pinto. I create content with the purpose of providing value to you. You won't find ads or sponsored products here. If you enjoy my content, please consider supporting what I do.

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